True Green Chemical Solutions

leafToyakoi distributes a line of Chemicals produced by its partner, Vatten Labs, that are truly green and unparalleled in performance and environmental sustainability. This line includes the following products:

Acid/Solvent Replacement Technologies

These products are safe to handle, but strong enough to eliminate rust, oxidation, and complex silicates. More importantly, this technology safely brightens metal.

In today’s market, chemical companies utilize harmful acids, such as HF to cheaply clean metal surfaces. While effective in the short term , over time, those acids erode surfaces causing dulling, dis    coloration, and contribute to mechanical ware.


These products surpass the products of competitors by utilizing natural non-iconic surfactants that I in crease wetting, dispersion, and emulsion. This results in a better, faster, and safer cleaning result.

The increase in efficiency results in a 45-75% reduction in water consumption for customers who implement our products into their processes. Downstream concerns associated with Volatile Organic Compounds and phosphates are also eliminated with these products.

Reclaim Maintenance, Sump and Odor Control

This product is an EPA approved, patented cell stabilization technology that allows the pseudomonas bacteria to exhibit exceptional degradative ability against animal/vegetable fats, oils, greases, as well unparalleled degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

On average these products save customers 25-50% on sump vac costs, due to hydrocarbon and waste microbial consumption. In addition, these products fully eliminate pungent reclaim water effluents.